An interview between Fadzai Mathabire (MM Blogger) & Phreshy

Who is Phreshy? 

Precious Herschneider Frank aka Phreshy is a 24-year-old female rapper based in Kwekwe. I am passionate about my music.

How did you get into music? Like when & where did you discover you could sing?

I grew up in a family that loves music then later got inspired by Dj Naida and Nicki Minaj. In 2014, back in high school I would sing Nicki Minaj’s songs and people loved the way I rapped. I joined a group called Major Squad, we recorded a couple of tracks then in 2016 I decided to go solo, wrote and recorded my own songs. My first single was titled ‘My Time’, that was the beginning of my journey.

What motivates your music

My music is inspired by my day to day experiences, I sing about my life mostly. What inspires me most is how my music touches people’s hearts because they relate and have gone through some situations that I went through. My music is also inspired by beats, I can just listen to a beat then come up with a concept.

Tell us about your song “amai” (I hope I got the name correct) and tell us what your favourite song from all you have released so far.

The Sando (Mai) track is a song dedicated to my mom and all the mothers out there especially the single mothers. I was raised by a single mom and she went through a lot to get me to where I am today so with this song was showing appreciation to everything she did for me. The song video song was directed by Zhing and it features my mom and female teachers from my former high school. It is a very emotional video, and I am glad that it touched the hearts of many.

What do you do besides music?  What are your hobbies, hangout spots and the like?

I am a graduate for BSc. Hons. degree in Geography and Environmental Science from Great Zimbabwe University, so I am pushing music on the side whilst job hunting. I like watching TV especially reality shows and I am an outgoing person.

What should we look up for this festive season?

I’m dropping a new song in December and probably a video for that track. The actual release date to be announced soon.

Shout outs

Shout out to Tich Define, Define Ent crew, Mumhanzi Media, my producers Vic Enlisted and Afrow Zenda. Special shout out to my family and all my fans.

We are in the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence, what is your stance on the subject?

I condemn gender-based violence. No one deserves to be a victim of GBV. My mother was a victim, most of the times I watched my dad beat her to pulp and it really affected me emotionally and mentally. My advice to everyone would be, never allow yourself to be a victim of GBV, report to the police and never make excuses for your abuser it doesn’t matter how related or close you are to them.

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