Ayshan unearthed!! Artist to watch in 2020

Who is Ayshan? – I mean it sounds quite similar to the male singer Ishan, doesn’t that confuse listeners?
My name is Nyasha Muusha, Ayshan comes from the name Nyasha, and it’s almost a mirror image of the name really. I chose to call myself that because my music like a mirror is a reflection of my past present and future. Ayshan is a singer and song writer born and bred in the small town of Gwanda. I know one could almost confuse me with the male singer Ishan, but I’m sure one day my music will distinguish me from any other artist whose stage name is similar to mine. My music will speak to who Ayshan is.
What inspires your music and what differentiates your sound from the rest out there?

My music is a reflection of how Ayshan sees the world, which I understand is very different from how the next person sees it. I am inspired by everything that happens around me, there is always a different way to tell a story no matter how many times the story has been told. There are always different sides to it, this is mine and that’s what makes my sound unique

Do you consider yourself and underground artist or you are an established artist?- Kindly tell us about your music journey including accolades/successful projects.

The day I get to share a stage with renowned artists like Beyoncé, Ammara Brown and Tammy Moyo is the day I will regard myself as an established artist. I started off as a backing vocalist for Bulawayo based singing groups like Vocal X and Crème Voices. I have always had an interest in music and this helped me quench my thirst for a while but I yearned for more, yearned to let the world see and feel music as I do, what better way to do that than to pursue a solo career? I admit it hasn’t been an easy journey, but everything I’ve experienced has helped me to be a better artist, and song writer. As for my success story, it’s still being written, one when its complete I will gladly share.

Which one is your favorite track from the ones you have made to date? Why that track?

What you feel was the first single I released in 2018, it’s also my favorite. I am a deep human being and the song expresses exactly that.

I understand you hold an honors degree from NUST, is there a link between academics and your art?

Yeah I have an Honors Degree in Applied Biology and Biochemistry. The only link between the two is that I am able to finance my music because I am a holder of this qualification. Well until my music is able to sustain itself that is.
Any reflections on the year 2019? What should people look forward to from Ayshan in 2020?
In 2019 I made an appearance on a local TV show, pink and purple, a show which celebrates Zim Women’s talent. Female artists are not being given enough recognition for their contributions within the music industry, the playing field isn’t level with that of their male counter parts. I am glad I got to make my contribution.
I have two new singles coming up early this coming year and towards the end of the year my listeners can expect my debut album.

Where can people find your music?

My music is available on my YouTube channel, and remember the name is Ayshan.

Any shout outs?
I would love to give a shout to everyone who believes on me and has taken time to listen to my music.

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