Buddie Beats : The future at your finger tips…

If you have not heard about it yet, then you are utterly missing out. It is known as the Hub of African Music. Buddie Beats is back with a bang. Econet saw it as of utter importance to have a music app for our very own local content. They launched the Buddie Beatz Music app so that you can enjoy local favorites with just a click of a button. It is Econet’s Spotify but only for local jams. Not only can you stream online, but you can also download your music to listen offline as well.

Gone are the days where we used to listen to our local favourites by dialling a USSD code, now we can download the Buddie Beats Music app on Google Play Store absolutely free. We can all agree that it was always hard to look for some of our local jams but Buddie Beatz has made it simple for us. All you need to do is download the Music app, register with your phone number, choose the subscription of your choice and then you can enjoy your music as simple as that.

This music app is very convenient, easy to use and you can get all your local favorites all at once. You can also create a playlist for yourself just to add on to the convenience. Buddie Beats is popping and fresh and here to stay. So why don’t you download the app now for your own listening pleasure.

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