Getting to know Lindi Marc

Who is Lindi Marc?

Lindi Marc is a Bulawayo born South African based Gospel artist. I am a business woman , song writer, brand ambassador, mother, wife and entrepreneur.

Who inspired your music?

My Music inspiration came from so many things but most importantly is the hunger to serve God. I just want to sing and dance and praise God. The rest is just a blessing that comes with it.

After the success of Vhura Nzira , how has life changed for you? 

Vhurai Nzira was my life changing moment musically and other wise . To be honest I have never in my wildest dream believe that my first album will take my to such a big height. Vhurai Nzira took me places, awards, nomination and more. My life changed from ordinary Lindi to Lindi Marc. I remember my neighbor in South Africa rushing to my house and was screaming “ Hey hey, I saw you on TV. I saw you on TV and you never told me you are a musician”. Vhurai Nzira changed my life positively and I thank God for such an open door.

You did a National tour. How was the response for the Vhura Nzira album ? 

During my National Tour, I was welcomed so well. I remember that’s was first time my mom came to watch me . We had shows in Bulawayo and Harare, we were welcomed warmly in Zimbabwe and I am grateful for that.

You also signed a brand ambassador deal, tell us more about it? 

I am a brand ambassador for MY DMC SHOP. It is a South Africa based online shop. I am also brand ambassador for Chosen Clothing which is based in Harare.

Being a gospel artist, what makes you different?

I always tell people I sing for everyone. My music is for believers and non believers. I prefer to use my music to bring non believers to Christianity. I am a  praiser, I love making people happy with my music. So you can basically classify my type of gospel song as gospel groovy artist.

The new album Hour of Praize…..walk us through the creative process

After Vhurai Nzira I took time off, to rest, spend time with family and to correct some mistakes. The first album had some errors which I took my time to correct on the second album. HOUR OF PRAIZE is a 9 track album that will get you close to God. It has lot of messages on it like Uthando. 

Most of the tracks on this album we written 15 years ago. I used to sing one of the songs with my Dad when I was a little girl. Khulekani Chilli also graces the album with features on some of the tracks. So it’s an album full of creativity and blessing.

Lastly you work with your husband how important is spousal support?

Working with my husband is such a blessing. He is my everything, my manager, husband, partner. You won’t believe that some of the songs we actually wake up midnight and record them . Like I will wake up 2 am and tell him, ‘Honey I have a song’ and we just enter the studio and start cooking the beats because we are lucky to have a studio at home. So he has been a blessing to he understand me and what I do. We support each other and he is always there to help me. It’s a blessing to work with someone who happens to be my husband and I am also signed to his Record Label Double Mc Productions. So it’s a blessing to work with him.

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