How to build a fanbase: Mailing list

As an artist, you need to know how to market your music and persuade people who consume the content to become fans. How big your social media is doesn’t matter that much than the number of WhatsApp\email contacts that you have. Having people, you can send your work and news is as paramount in this digital age. Do you know that a list is a currency in the music industry? Also, the size and quality of that list means you have more people you can interact with on a personal level.


 Is a follower and believer of your work and these people can make or break you. Winky has Maninja and Jah Prayzah Masoja, Seh Calaz Mabhanditi, Soul Jah Love Conquering, Chimbetu’s dendera these are powerful fan bases that put you on a podium. Whatever you are doing it has people who believe in the work you’re doing so you need to convert them to be active fans. These people will buy the music, promotional material and attend your shows. So, it goes with deliberating on a market strategy that suits your target market.

 Get their number\email

The most important thing is building rapport with these strangers who are liking, retweeting and sharing your content online. Once you see a pattern then you have a potential fan in that person so it means you have to turn a follower into fan approach them in the Dms. Start by asking general questions and ask what them do, how they discovered your music and what they like about your music. Now that you have established an interactive, relationship ask if they would like to get exclusive content from you. If so, get that number. Use surveys to get that number, Jot Form, survey monkey etc. ask for that number and email address

 Don’t stop there

Now that you got the number\email the real work has started, create a broadcast list that you update them on your work and generate interest of the upcoming project. Ask for their input on unreleased work and ask them to do post, retweet and update their status. Build a direct personal relationship with the people .Remember with emotions you touch the heart; people are emotional beings reach out to that part of them.

 Turn them into super fans

 Everyone wants to be part of something greater than themselves and the sense of belonging is embedded in our being so you need to have someone in that zone believing that this my team and tribe. You alone can do this for you with help of a team but you must spearhead this one yourself. Super fans run campaigns for you and your brand when trained right and made to believe in a compelling cause which is greater than them. Supper fans can vote, generate excitement and buy your work and convert others to the Fan club

Let Mumhanzi Media help you

 For a fee we can help you gather your tribe, how to convert them and train them into super fans. The process is super powerful with the brains and expertise of our team involved in guiding you step by step till you reach your target.

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