Marketing lessons we can derive from the Gze and Noble Stylz Diss.

Gze and Noble Stylez have been going head to head in a diss track battle and have caught attention of many people including fans, bloggers, journalists and other artists. Zim Hip Hop is getting more attention we welcome this whole part.

We however picked up some marketing lessons from this rivalry.

1. Be Creative in trying to capture people’s attentionin this unsettling times.

With the prevailing pandemic that has had people socialdistancing and the rest in lockdown, Gze became creativeand released a lyric video for his diss track, Fatality. Thelyric video gives the listeners time to digest the musicwhilst reading into the lyrics. The consumers could actuallyconsumer their favourite artist’s music in the best possibleway. Whenever faced with a crisis, try to be creative. This helps in building your name as well as make you stand out among other artists.


2. Using a decoy to give your elements of suprise.

After Gze released Fatality, Noble Stylz moved the attention from himself to his counterpart in the all famous Masofa Panze, Black Pearl. She actually said she would be doing the reply for Noble, saying, “Ndomutyora mudhara uyu”. Three days later we actually saw Noble releasing adiss track himself for Gze. This actually grabbed people’s attention as they got focused on Black Pearl but Noble rose up and gave us a diss track himself. This showed how diverse Noble was trying to be in giving his fans more action in music.

Noble Stylz

3. Publicity is key in marketing your music.

When Noble Stylz’ first track came out, it got him trending on social media especially Twitter. Whether it was good or bad publicity, the fact was everyone was talking about Noble and Zim Hip Hop in a way that has not been seen in quite a while. The Diss overall capitalised many blogs, media interviews and also podcasts. When you release yourmusic, make sure people know what you are about and get people talking about you. Even if you are having a diss battle, make sure you capitalize on that, get people to know more about you as a person since there is always life after the diss. So capitalise on the publicity and make sure your public relations is in order.

4. Work towards having a YouTube channel of your own. With all the tracks that were released by these Hip Hop heads, none of the two actually have a YouTube channel. With all the attention and publicity they received, they could have cashedit in and also the numbers would have attracted promoters and sponsors for their own benefit.Promoters like to see traffic on your YouTube channel an also the number of subscribers you get just shows how much good work you are doing as an artist.

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