Meet the Mumhanzi Media: Boss Seh Lenno

“I believe that there are a lot of good artist out there varisi kurira not because havagone but there is no one helping them put their music to the masses, (radios and on social media).”

Seh Lenno,  born Lennon Mahemu is the co-founder of Mumhanzi Media, which is an entertainment business on the mission to support local artist and promoting local artists through  public relations, digital marketing and artist management  We interviewed him to get an insight on who he is, how he got to be in the music business and what music means to him.

Who is Seh Lenno? Give us a brief background about you and your upbringing.

I’m Lennon Mahemu, I was born and bred in the high-density street of Mufakose, Harare. I’m a social media manager and co-founder of Mumhanzi media I’m currently based in South Africa doing some part time job.

How did you end up an influential figure on Facebook?

Influential figure? I don’t believe I’m one yet, influential figures got 5k friends and 20k followers and I’m nowhere half of that, I believe that I became popular on Facebook when I used to share the latest music on WhatsApp and when I became close with Tally b and Norman of Xtra large.

Have always loved music or it started with Seh Calaz , what is your music story?

I always loved music since my primary school days. I was in the school choir when I was in grade 7 and at home, I had an uncle who was a soundman. I think that also influenced my love for music but I’m very passionate about Seh Calaz music, I have that connection with his music, any song from him inondiitira.

You worked on the Tally Bee project early, how was that, how did you feel to push an artist to the masses?

Well it was a wonderful experience because that’s when I got the chance to meet a lot of Zimbabwean artists in person we also visited various studios and radio stations, kupusha maworks kwaingoita soo because I wasn’t doing it alone I had the late Tinashe Palmer and Anthany helping me so music yaingotenderera and from those days artist akutombosimukawo all thanks to Norman Xtra large who was the manager.

You like to introduce new voice to the nation, why is that?

I believe that they are a lot of good artists out there varisi kurira not because havagone but there is no one helping them put their music to the masses, (radios and on social media).

Tell US About Mumhanzi Media

Mumhanzi Media is an Entertainment Agency driving force in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Artist Management and a whole lot of other things. We want to help new artists break into the industry and the established artists to take their art as a business approach.

He is awesome Mumhanzi Media

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