Owning your lane with GZE

Reinvention is the word that best describes this giant how he morphed from a boyband to one of the best bar for bar, jabs for jab spitters in the game .

Can you walk us through how you got to be part of Trinity?

Trinity was a collective of neibhourhood guys with a common interest in music, I always knew Kevin from since we was Lil and we went to the same primary school but it was thru music that our friendship was natured.Andrew was like the Dr Dre of the hood.,his house was the only joint wer u could lace vocals and hear ur voice on wax at the time, he would make beats from looping the small instrumental bites from when a song ended nd we laced vocals on a two tape broke down radio with an in built mic. Side a played the instrumental and side be recorded so the whole song had to be done in one take otherwise u would have to start again if u mess up. Practice was the major key to get it right lol

Being a rapper in a group how was the feeling?

Being a rapper in a group was lit for me I loved it, back then it was kynda how every band Jaming was structured, note Mafriq and 2BG, it was two singers and a rapper. However, I grew to hate it coz performance-wise it was a throw off like I could have the last verse on a song and had to be on stage while these guys were singing while a wait 4 my part and at the time we had to do these dance routines which were quite queer 4 a rapper lol

The shift from group to solo how hard is it to rebrand and move in a different musical journey?

The transition to running solo as an artist was inevitable for me coz that’s how I had started out and I had ideas about music that I wished to express without the compromise of what the other guys in the band think. However the key to that shift was timing it jus had to be the right time.After the first trinity album I fell back from music until I started to feel a shift in the sound and the bounce of urban popular music. This was when Few Kings and MMT were poppin off. The genre was getting rebirthed and I was inspired to rap again. Studios were opening up more and different producers such as Tags, Yaggi Dojo, and Xnder were on the come up so it presented options for an artist and foster growth for the game

Taking over the streets with Jonh Buru, how important is that?

John Bhuru did its thing no doubt, charted on every major station nd all that was a dope look. Also in the sense that it was celebrating a local infamous character kynda like what the guys in America do.So that aspect about the concept lit up the ghett coz they knew who the dude was

Most people say you’re the fastest songwriter around, your creative process?

It’s tru my pen game is quite hussein bolt lol,like that just comes from knowing what I need to say on a record and not having much time to write outside the studio so it’s like once I get in there I gat to get it done. I hate going back to the studio to fix a song so I do my best to make sure it’s a top dollar on the first go. My creative process is quite organic and free flowing.i listen to the music and what it’s telling me to write about.I just try to make the lyrics as personal and as vivid as I can. Other times I may have a few notes jotted down inspired by something that happened to me or around me and I hit the lab with it to develop it into a concept and then a song

Most of your music is targeted at the hustlers and those trying to make a buck, does it stem from personal experiences?

I think the fact that my biggest records are the hustler’s anthems distorts the fact that I’m one of the few rappers with a diverse catalogue to chin on different subject matters in a very informed and articulate way. yea I did Imhandu but I’m the same guy who gave u Gaya Zimbabwe, The cure, Tadiwa, chimurenga the wadis story and a bunch of other music that’s got nothing to do with getting money. So if you do your research the correct statement is I just make music inspired by the times and the environment targeted at anybody who relates to the message

Winning the best hip hop song in the inaugural Star Fm awards and the pressure that follows?

Winning the inaugural song of the year at the Star Fm awards was just a major confidence booster. It was extra special coz I produced that record myself and picked it out as a single so it just affirmed to me that I should trust myself and my judgment more. that blessing to me outweighed any feeling of pressure but yea definitely more is expected of you when you win those accolades like I won that over Winky D and Takura so it’s no joking

Last year you were one of the highlight rappers on a commercial level and numbers?

I think I’ve been a highlight every year since I came out in the sense that I’ve consistently remained on Playlists and in the conversations about whoz the hardest out but I guess as far as last year the duel with noble brought extra attention to my name but to hiphop overall

You are one of the most cumulative rappers around, what have you seen in these streets?

l take it as a compliment if u say I’m cumulative coz that suggests growth.well I’ve jus seen and absorbed life in these streets the good and the bad. Ive seen fast money, gold diggers, abortions, drugs, party’s funerals like everything the good and the bad. I jus pick the lessons and the blessings from it all and do my best improve the quality of the individual that I am

Working with friends like Jnr Brown, Take 5, etc how does that help in making great music?

Working with greats like Fizzo and J Brizz is always exiting coz we peers and we came a long way together so there’s an organic magic there that is unmatched.it just brings the best out of you and therz an indisputable knowing that the joint is gone slap

What’s your favorite book and you’re currently reading?

How to think and grow rich by napoleon Hill remains my favorite book and currently I’m reading the 5am club

Can we finally expect Hustlemia in 2021

I think the hustlemania tape has reached Detox status were the anticipation has water down into a myth or legend. I have fresh ideas that I’m exploring and they will definitely accumulate into a full-length LP.

Bars aside what can you credit to your longevity?

I believe being original and stay true to self are the simplest ingredients to longevity. I gat a blinkered focus where I don’t watch what anybody else is doing and just focus on where I’m tryna go with it

Advice to the young rappers and creatives?

My best advice would be to show discipline, dedication, and humility. Believe in urself and take control of your craft and your Destiny. observe the Greats in your field and pick the definitive attributes

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