Spotify is coming: What it means for the creatives

The industry welcomed the news of Spotify coming to Zimbabwe as major development to the entertainment industry as stream giant presence in the local market changes a lot of things. Here is what we expect to change expect for usual this service is not available in your country 😂

5. ISPs to unveil dedicated bundles

Mobile internet penetration has flown over 50 percent meaning 1 in 2 Zimbabwe has access to the internet. The streaming platform doesn’t have music only feature but also have been extensively pushing for podcasts. With high cost of data right now few people might afford use Spotify after paying subscription feesLocal aggregators will be needed more than ever
What most people don’t know is you can’t submit content directly to Spotify you have to do it through an aggregator who is certified by them stream gaint.

3.Spotify to fund for content development and industry growth

As Zimbabwe is a new market, will be watching how the company will approach this. When they launched in South Africa they went all out, did a few promotional events, and hired a couple of influencers to navigate the local terrain. We would expect to see them find for local creators to produce and curate quality content.

Mufaro ‘Forbes’ Mujuru of Big Soko Music added his thoughts on the latest development

More platforms to generate royalties are always great. What makes Spotify stand out is its ability to Develop Artists,

Their Spotify for Artist platform will definitely do great for local artists in an intimate environment.


Having local editorial playlists is also a win.

2.Qualifiable data

You what they say about numbers right? They don’t lie . The industry has been moving in dark for too long last time someone sold traceable music was Aleck Macheso and it was on CD that’s how backward we have been. Now artist wil be able to plan and policies on tours and which brands to approach backed by numbers from Spotify. You can see 100 people are playing my song in Masvingo and 1000 In Harare , 600 Bulawayo ect you can approach a club do a show with easy. Numbers deficiency has been a humble pie for most managers in boardrooms. We hope will see more deals and successful tours backed by metrics.

  1. Royalty collections

Our artist are already getting close to nothing on radio plays and most of them still owe money backdated to 2015. Even though a stream might pay less more streams means more money. Our question will be with ZIMURA rights collection board which retains 40/percent of collected revenue for operations and maintenance will artist trust them with their hard currency? . Mechanical and performance royalties from the streaming service might be the short in the arm artists have been looking for.

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