Telling Visual Stories with Thandi Effect

We live in the digital world and cratives are claiming spaces which didn’t exist before. I sat down with Vlogger Thandi Effect

Can you introduce yourself to the world?

My name is Thandeka Natalie Ncube, better known as “ThandiEffect” on YouTube & on other social media platforms. I am currently based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I have been on my YouTube journey for a year now, and it has been nothing short of amazing!

What made you start a YouTube Channel and how is treating you?

Being on YouTube hasn’t been easy, but I have learnt to love my craft. That has helped me a lot to overcome my creative block. My only regret is that I didn’t start this sooner – I had been contemplating to do so for a while, well before I started my channel.

Tbh I’m a natural in front of the camera. I decide which topic I’m going to speak on/vlog on that day & everything just flows, no script. I however want to start adding B-Roll into my shots, so that means I’ll need to work with a script for certain videos

How has been the experience and what can you tell a new Vlogger? Which mistakes have you made?

Content creation has proven to be very challenging, but I love it & that’s what keeps me going. To a new vlogger I’d say do your research on YT mainly SEO,make great thumbnails cause they draw your audience & it’s ok to take a break when it gets overwhelming

What tools do you use and have you invested your equipment of late any upgrades?

I’ve been using my phone to record for a year now. My upgrade will definitely have to be my ring light, it’s made the video quality way better. My lapel microphone as well has helped to make the sound crispier and clearer!

I use iMovie for video editing & phonto, Adobe ps express & over for thumbnails

Is there still room for new content creators and bloggers?

My advice to anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel is to START! Go for it, with as little as you have. You will learn along the way, & perfect your craft. Practice really does make perfect!

Have you collaborated with any Tubers if yes how was the experience?

I have collaborated with a few YouTubers. It was fun, & if you want to grow as a YOUTUBER, you have to collaborate. I’d say find people with the same energy as yours, it’s always nice for the audience to also feel your chemistry. Just my 2 cents

How do you handle your mental health as creative?

I always say if it gets overwhelming, take a break. It’s better for you to give quality content when you’re in the right space, than to force yourself to record when you’re clearly not ok. It’s only fair on you & on your viewers.

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