How to Generate Online interest

Three Tips on How to Release a Song Online and Generate Interest

We have seen so many songs being released and dying stillbirths. We have always emphasised with coming with a release strategy in place. This the prerelease tips what to do when you know which day is the song coming out.

Tip One: Be convinced with your song

Most artists don’t even talk about what they have made. We need to hear from you, hype your own song on your WA Status, Instastories. Say I have made a hit “If its a heat any way”🤷‍♂️

Tip Two: Show excitement

Be excited about your product don’t stop talking about it. Most artists are fooled with the notion let the music do the talking 😎 . Show excitement as you sample your item on Instagram and facebook let people know its hot 🔥

Tip Three: Influencers

Pre-release it to the influential voices they’re echo will increase interest. Remember every genre has a couple of people who can say things and everyone will be like I am waiting for the release. If you have a budget for it pay them. That’s why we also talk about relationships build and nature them with these voices 👍

When you have done all the above release the song. We bet your numbers for the first week will be bigger and better than those ones you haven’t done these items for!

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